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LONG-LASTING SOIL FERTILITY: Rapid and slow-release nutrition systems cover all plants' needs while enriching the soil; Increases soil moisture and water-holding durability; EZ Grow Box provides lasting sustenance in all climates, conditions, and even during droughts BOOSTS ROOT DEVELOPMENT: Creates and supports a healthy microbiome; Helps increase and extend the root surface; Mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria help break down micro and macronutrients for plants; Enhances mineral nutrient uptake and water absorption HIGHER YIELDS & FASTER GROWTH: Promotes faster growth; Enhances crop quality and yield; Magnifies flavors, colors, and aromas; Make your plants and crops produce fruits, flowers, and vegetables faster and easier; Improves seed production INCREASES RESISTANCE: Improves plant health and disease resistance; Encourages vigorous growth at all growth stages; Reduces water loss and wilting; Prevents unnecessary energy losses; Fights root pathogens; Ensures a plentiful, clean, chemical-free harvest ALL-IN-ONE SET FOR A THRIVING GARDEN: 100% organic mix kit comes with 2 lb bag of Pride Lands Veg, 2 lb bag of Pride Lands Bloom, 2 lb bag Green Aminos, 2 lb bag Nature's Brix, 2 lb Flower Finisher, and 2 oz. Granular Plus Myco and Pride Lands Defense sample. 

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